Former President Mahama Raises Concerns Over Safety Protocols After Train Accident.

Report by Apeke Rosemary-20/04/2024

Former President John Mahama has sparked national debate over safety protocols in the wake of a harrowing incident involving a newly imported train on its test run along the Tema-Mpakadan railway line. The former leader, known for his advocacy for rigorous safety measures, took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express grave concerns about the adequacy of pre-operational checks preceding the test ride.

The incident, which occurred on April 18, 2024, sent shockwaves across the nation as citizens grappled with the aftermath of the accident. Mahama’s pointed inquiries resonated with many as he questioned the procedures leading up to the test run. “How can you conduct a test run on a new railway line without a track inspection?” Mahama queried, highlighting a critical lapse in safety protocols. He further raised questions about the duration the vehicle had been on the track before the test run, underlining the need for thorough pre-operational assessments.

Mahama’s vocal stance on the matter didn’t go unnoticed, with citizens and officials alike echoing his sentiments. His assertion that if he were President, he would demand answers, underscored the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for accountability in ensuring the safety of public infrastructure.

Meanwhile, in a separate development related to the incident, Abel Dzidotor, the driver of the truck involved in the collision, faced legal repercussions. Dzidotor, after pleading guilty to three of the four charges against him, including inconsiderate driving and causing unlawful damage, was sentenced to a six-month jail term. The swift judicial action served as a reminder of the legal consequences of negligence and recklessness on the road.

As investigations into the accident continue, authorities are under increasing pressure to address lapses in safety protocols and implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The incident has reignited discussions on the importance of stringent safety standards in the transportation sector, with calls for comprehensive reviews of existing protocols and enforcement mechanisms.

With the nation still reeling from the shock of the accident, Mahama’s advocacy for enhanced safety measures has galvanized public discourse, highlighting the imperative of prioritizing safety in the development and operation of critical infrastructure projects.

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