Works and Housing Ministry seeks lasting solutions to challenges with stakeholders engagement

The Ministry of Works and Housing has launched a national stakeholders’ conference to solicit ideas from the populace and key stakeholders on better ways of addressing the country’s growing housing deficit and hydrological challenges.

The maiden national conference is scheduled for May 27 to 29, 2024, and dubbed “The Built Environment National Conference on Housing and Hydrology (BENCHH 2024)”.

The initiative, launched in Accra yesterday, is premised on the fact that over the years, the general public had anxiously looked up to successive governments to address the country’s growing housing deficit which currently stands at 1.8 million housing units, coupled with the high cost of housing, as well as the annual flooding that claims lives and destroys property that the country is saddled with.

To be held under the theme:  “Enhancing collaboration to tackle Ghana’s Housing and Hydrology Challenges,” it is intended to find a more inclusive and comprehensive solution to the country’s housing and hydrological challenges.

Comprehensive platform 

The Chairperson of the Planning Committee and Special Advisor to the sector minister, Dr Prince Hamid Armah, said BENCHH 2024 represented an opportunity for all stakeholders to share insights and chart a course towards a more sustainable and resilient future for the country’s Works and Housing sectors. 

“Together, through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we could surmount the challenges presented and pave the way for enduring progress and prosperity in the country,” he said, adding: “I urge you all to mark your calendars for May 27 to 29 and join us at BENCHH.

“The conference will be a comprehensive platform to engage with the wider public, especially stakeholders within the built environment, showcase the strides made by the Ministry of Works and Housing in recent years and outline our roadmap towards achieving our vision of a robust and sustainable development of public works and housing infrastructure in the medium term.

“Additionally, the conference will delve into challenges and solutions within the sector, including the housing deficit, flood management and infrastructure financing,” he said.

“Thus, recognising the Ministry’s diverse responsibilities highlights the importance of its endeavours in shaping the path of national development. 

“This conference, therefore, holds immense significance as we meet to deliberate on the pressing challenges in the sector and further enhance our collaborative efforts towards tackling Ghana’s housing and hydrology challenges,” he said.

Source: GraphicOnline

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