Our favourite dishes from all over Europe

From Spain to Sweden, Germany to Greece – take a tasty trip all over Europe

1 Greek lemon chicken

The perfect combination of Greek-inspired ingredients makes this flavoursome dish a roast dinner winner for any occasion!

2 Wiener schnitzel

The national dish of Austria, schnitzel is also a long-time favourite in our kitchens.

3 Italian meatball and pasta soup

Here’s a hearty meatball soup to warm up your insides and fill you up!

Shortbread (Scotland)

4 Shortbread (Scotland)

A traditional buttery biscuit, perfect served with a cup of tea and lemon.

Eggs baked in patatas bravas

5 Eggs baked in patatas bravas

Spice up kitchen staples with this low-fat, gluten-free dinner idea inspired by Spain.

Portuguese chicken wraps

6 Portuguese chicken wraps

Bored of sandwiches in the lunchbox? Try these instead.

Irish cream fudge

7 Irish cream fudge

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with this quick and easy Irish cream fudge that will wow tastebuds.

French onion soup

8 French onion soup

Cheesy bread and aromatic onion soup are a classic French favourite.

Swedish meatballs

9 Swedish meatballs

Save yourself a trip to IKEA and make our Swedish meatballs instead.

Creamy German-style potato salad

10 Creamy German-style potato salad

Enjoy the classic flavours of German potato salad. Serve it up with your own homemade mayo or with store-bought whole-egg mayonnaise.

Turkish eggs

11 Turkish eggs

Eggs are the star ingredient in this traditional one-pan Turkish meal idea.

Belgian biscuits

12 Belgian biscuits

These colourful biscuits make delicious gifts and will delight the kids at the next birthday party.

Bubble and squeak

13 Bubble and squeak

Brits love bubble and squeak for using up any vegetable leftovers in one go.

Cheese fondue

14 Cheese fondue

We can see why this became famous amid the snowy mountains of Switzerland. It’s winter warming food at its best!

Source: taste.com

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