Musicians of today think they can become great artists with a laptop and some beats – Ambolley

Veteran Ghanaian highlife singer, songwriter and producer, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, has explained why the current crop of Musicians are struggling to stay relevant in the music industry.

Speaking with Foster Romanus during an interview on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, Gyedu-Blay explained that the type of music the current crop of artistes do easily die with time unlike those from back in the days by himself and other legendary highlife artistes like Amakye Dede and others.

He explained that this was because the majority of music producers currently do not invest time and effort to put together the instrumentals with the rudiments of music.

“Today’s music has been a sharp-sharp style of music because the younger ones just get a computer and work on fruity loops to create rhythms. Some of the rappers even go to the studio, the engineer plays different beats and then they just choose one that they like.

“Our time, it wasn’t like that. Our time, it’s not somebody who’s going to create it for you. You create it because we learnt what is called music; the rudiments of music, the cadences of music and all that. The younger ones these days don’t know about the rudiments and the cadences of it so sharp things also die out sharp sharp”, he reiterated.

Gyedu-Blay stated that aside from the issue with the instruments, the lyrics of most young artistes do not make sense.

According to him, the lyrics in music from his time were ones that reflect our way of life, however, our young musicians, on the other hand, are singing more about their girlfriends than the realities of life.

He advised young artistes to pay attention to the kind of lyrics they use for their songs so that the next generation can come and still enjoy the songs.

Source: GH Base

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