Election 2020: Media commended for fair reportage on campaign activities

Executive Secretary of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Gloria Hiadzi has commended the media for a fair and balanced reportage of the campaign activities of the various political parties ahead of the 2020 elections.

Speaking on the topic of the role of the media during elections, she told Samuel Eshun on e. TV Ghana’s ‘Fact Sheet’: “Some media provide the political parties fair coverage and they are doing quite well.

“They follow the various campaign teams. In my estimation, that provides balance and fairness so that the Ghanaian populace can know what the political parties have for Ghanaians”.

When questioned whether the media can really be described as fair considering the fact that most of the coverage is only on the NPP and NDC, Gloria was of the view that it will be unfair to criticize the media when some political parties do not seem to pull their weight when it comes to their campaign or political activities.

“We also need to ask the question of how active the other political parties are on the ground. If they are also active and the media is not giving coverage, then we can say the media is not fair. But it appears they are not active as NPP and NDC. Take social media; NPP and NDC are active on the social media. Let’s be fair to the media.

“The media go looking for stories but sometimes you need to sell yourself”, she added.

source: e. tv ghana

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