My hairstyle is inspired by my South African lineage – Adina

Multiple awards winner and vocalist, Adina born Adina Thembi Ndamse, has disclosed to Amansan Krakye the reason she decided to change her hairstyle for a normal trimmed down cut.

She disclosed “My hair that I shaved was a bold step that I had to take. Two years ago I also trimmed my hair and it was inspired by the fact that I’m a Fante but my other half hails from South Africa.

“Whenever I travel to South Africa I realize that trimming of hair is very common among my family relations and it inspired me to cut my hair because it gave me a nice balance,” Adina said on Kastle Drive monitored by

Adina was asked by the host whether her previous hairstyle was making her feel uncomfortable since she’s now okay with her shaved hairstyle.

She answered “I went back to braid my hair again and I realized that no, short hair is what really suits me. It’s easier to manage and when you are going to do something it’s not now that you are going to waste time to go style your hair at all.

She continued “I mean with the work that I do sometimes you have to be ready for interviews all week long. So if your hair is something that stresses you it can bring you a lot of difficulties.

“It’s not like guys who can wear a shirt but as for females we have to go buy a dress and you have to think about your hair, your makeup and so it’s a whole package,” Adina added.

She concluded, “At least I have taken the burden that the hair comes with so now I have to think about the rest.”

Source: Ghana Web

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