British, Canadian High Commission deploy over 100 Election Observers

To support an inclusive, safe, and transparent Election 2020 in Ghana, the United Kingdom (UK) government will join the Canadian High Commission and other international partners to deploy more than 100 Election Observers across seven regions on December 7.

In a joint statement, the two High Commissions said, as impartial friends of Ghana, both the UK and Canada are committed to seeing Ghana’s reputation as a leader in West Africa and across Africa for holding free and fair elections continue in 2020.

British High Commissioner Iain Walker said, “Ghana has a proud democratic reputation which I hope will be enhanced through election 2020. As an impartial friend, our Election Observers will actively support Ghana’s ambition for an inclusive, safe and transparent election process.”

Acting Canadian High Commissioner Sara Nicholls said, “The Canadian High Commission is proud to join the UK in deploying observers throughout Ghana on Election Day as a demonstration of our commitment to advancing democracy around the world.

“Electoral observation missions are key contributors to the strengthening of democracy, and we are honoured to participate.”

The UK government has supported Ghana through the last seven Elections and three transitions of power. Over these key moments in Ghana’s history, the UK has seen the country’s democratic process strengthen. Ghana is recognised across the continent and the world for electoral excellence, and the UK wants to see this global reputation upheld in 2020.

The UK is a key funder to STAR Ghana’s £1. 5m Election 2020 programme, which is funding 28 local civil society organisations across the country to promote peaceful, issue-based and inclusive elections. These CSOs have, amongst other things, worked to challenge hate speech, enhance media freedom, tackle vigilantism and increase inclusion.

Together the UK and the EU are funding and deploying more than 1700 domestic observers through CODEO across the country.

The Canadian High Commission has contributed observers to a number of Ghanaian elections, including those of 2012 and 2016. In collaboration with other friends of Ghana, participation in election observation has allowed the High Commission to collaborate to help ensure an inclusive, safe, transparent election process.

In anticipation of the 2020 elections, the Government of Canada has recently funded local organisations working to promote inclusive governance, peace and security in Ghana, including the African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA), the Gender Centre for Empowering Development (GenCED), the Henry Djaba Memorial Foundation (HDMF), the National Peace Council, SEND Ghana, the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP), NORSAAC and Youth Bridge Foundation.

Funded under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), these initiatives have supported the participation of women, youth and minority groups in governance, and increased women’s voices and inclusion in promoting sustainable peace and security, and preventing conflict.

source: kasapa fm

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