Parliamentarians have no business being in Accra 365 days a year – Asiedu Walker

The only independent presidential candidate in this year’s polls, Kwame Asiedu Walker is keen on effecting some substantive changes in the operations of legislators, once he is elected president.

He is of the view that members of parliament ought to undertake all their respective roles at the regional level and must not be based in the capital city, Accra.

Mr Walker is therefore calling for parliamentary reforms in this regard, which will see members of parliament convene quarterly.

In an exclusive interaction with GhanaWeb, he argued that, “parliament should be restructured, parliament has no business being in Accra 365 days a year. They must meet only quarterly, every three months. How many laws can they pass in a year…those members of parliament must stay in their regions.”

Moving his argument, a notch higher he insisted that no permanent accommodation should be given to members of parliament in Accra.

“If we need you in parliament every three months, prior to your arrival you stay in guest houses in Accra…,” he said.

source: ghanaweb

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