Tackle joblessness, import dependency and borrowing – MFP tells politicians

Movement For Progress, a non-political Youth Movement founded by business mogul Dr Kofi Amoah and with over half a million membership across Ghana, has released a statement ahead of the 2020 General Elections

In the Statement, the MFP, which was formed to bring the Youth together in enforcing government to focus on challenges faced by the Youth in the country says issues such as joblessness, import dependency and borrowing are the biggest drawbacks of Ghana’s progress and have thus called on Presidential aspirants to channel their energies in addressing them.

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MFP Press Statement on Election 2020

We in the MFP believe that Ghana’s three evils, namely Joblessness, Import Dependency and Borrowing are the biggest drawbacks of our progress.

The disposition to come together and collaborate with policymakers to confront these ills, necessitated the formation of the MFP.

With over 525,000 registered members nationwide within a short period of time, the MFP’s objective is to collaborate with political leaders and governments, by imploring them to design policies in the interest of the Youth and further show commitment in implementing them.

Ahead of the 2020 General Elections, we wish to again, bring to the fore, the debilitating effects of these challenges facing the Youth and why these pertinent issues should be of paramount interest to the Presidential candidates.

The MFP, based on research undertaken by the group and several other credible institutions confirms that the biggest problem of the Ghanaian Youth is UNEMPLOYMENT. With over 62% of the Youth either unemployed or underemployed, according to the September 2020 World Bank Report.

The MFP stresses that Political Parties and their leaders should consider policies that can urgently tackle this priority area of youth unemployment and design interventions to improve the situation.

To tackle youth unemployment, the MFP suggests the importance of having disaggregated data on youth job seekers by location, gender, skills and capabilities, just as the MFP has done, to inform policy and funding decisions and respond with appropriate and tailored employment programs.

The high rate of joblessness, we believe, is chiefly as a result of lack of attention, the unrestrained importation and reckless borrowing by successive governments. We call on all political parties and their actors to promote peace and to respect Ghana’s electoral and constitutional processes. The MFP strongly entreat all political parties to protect the Youth and the peace we enjoy, by refraining from the vulnerability of the Youth to use them to foment any form of violence.

As the foremost union of the Youth of Ghana, The MFP will engage with whoever emerges the winner, to discuss the way forward and proffer plans and methods for massive JOB creation, reduction in unnecessary IMPORTS, reduction in BORROWING and help design a more effective and less costly forms of DEVELOPMENT FINANCE. The MFP shall continue to stay vigilant and pro-active on the three EVILS facing Ghana post-election to make sure the winning government and the parliament uphold their responsibilities in the manner that will promote the interest and welfare of the people, ALL THE PEOPLE!

The Movement for Progress (MFP) is a non-political union that is aimed at organizing the Ghanaian Youth as well as seeking the general interest of Ghanaians.

The Movement’s objective is to organize the Youth of Ghana with the purpose of coalescing their voting power to influence and affect positive change and economic transformation.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. Movement for Progress (MFP)

source: ghanaweb

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