Ghanaians have the talent but no marketability – Musician

Contemporary Ghanaian artiste Elpidio Dalmeida who describes himself as a visionary artist and believes in expressionism has voiced out that, Ghanaians lack the market to sell their music despite the fact that we actually have the talent.

According to the upcoming artiste, he has noticed that the difference between the Ghanaian music industry and international music industry is marketing.

In an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Night Celebrity Show on e.TV GH he said, “We have the talent, the style and the flow but there’s no funding…”

As we all know, money is definitely needed to push the music once it’s released and without it making the music is impossible.

“For me I self fund my music by myself including my music videos, promos and every other thing”.

The upcoming artiste believes that there are great talents in Ghana but no one to fund them thus, they become waste.

“Until you’re big like the known artistes no one wants to invest in you and this is bad” he added.

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