6,000 fires burned Ghana this year

A little less than 6,000 fires torched different parts of Ghana in 2020, the Ghana National Fire Service had revealed.

An end-of-year statement issued by Chief Fire Officer Edwin Ekow Blankson, said: “Statistics available from our records puts fire outbreaks from January to 21st December this year at 5,966 representing a 4.9 percentage rise in fire outbreaks compared to a figure of 5,673 in the same period in 2019”.

“This is as a result of many domestic activities engaged in by a large number of people during the lockdown period in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.”

It noted that the “last quarter of the year has been a great test and a challenge for the Service as we had to grapple with the numerous fire outbreaks in some of our major markets and other areas with all resources available”.

“It is gratifying to note however that we have so far been able to weather the storm and brought some relief to the many people who were affected”, the statement added.

“It is my wish that all the Fire Safety tips put out there is accorded the needed attention to help prevent undesired fires but if it should occur, don’t hesitate to call our emergency number, 112 since we have rolled out a nationwide program operation Red alert which will see additional men on standby 24/7,” the statement said

Source: class fm

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