I’m not a fool to shoot expensive music videos – Shatta Wale

While he is adept at releasing songs, many of which become hits, Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has been criticised for the poor quality of his music videos. 

However, in his usual blunt manner, he has hit back saying he is not a fool to spend a lot of cash on the videos.

In a Facebook Live session on Monday, March 15, Shatta Wale said he would prefer to spend his money on other things.

“Why would I spend so much money on a music video when I can use that money for other things? I can use the money to buy building materials or do something important with it. How much at all do I make from music videos? I don’t care whatever anyone says about me not shooting expensive videos, that is my back case.”

“Sizzla Kalonji of Jamaica and other musicians are making it big out there with less expensive music video so what is the point in using all the money on a music video when I can’t make the money back,” he said.

According to Shatta Wale, most musicians are hungry but will use whatever they get to shoot expensive videos and stay hungry.

“Honestly, I was not okay with all the money spent on the Gringo video. I wished my former management Zylofon Media could have given me the money they used on Gringo for my other projects. I would advise that musicians use all the money they get on their building projects. As we speak now, I have five houses at East Legon and I am so proud,” he said.

Since Nigerian artistes Burna Boy and Wizkid won Best Global Music Album and Best Music Video respectively at the 63rd edition of the Grammy Awards last Sunday, there has been an uproar in the Ghanaian entertainment space.

While music lovers have criticised Ghanaian artistes for their failure to penetrate the Grammys, the artistes have also lashed out at various stakeholders for lack of support.

However, in the view of Shatta Wale, Ghanaian artistes won’t win anything because the industry has serious issues.

“Our music industry is sick so there is no way we are going to win anything. We are always fighting each other when we should be doing good music,” he stated.

He also lashed out at entertainment journalists and bloggers for always looking down on musicians.

“Some of the entertainment journalists who speak ill about musicians have nothing. They talk about musicians as if they can write a song. Most of these journalists are being ejected from their houses and others are not even able to pay their children’s school fees yet they talk about as if we are nothing,” he stated.

Source: Graphic.com

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