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It is never too late to achieve your goals. Image source UGC

A grandmother, Camille MacIsaac, has finally achieved her dream of getting a degree after leaving school for family over 40 years ago The 67-year-old woman said that hers is a perfect example that no one is too old to achieve their goals Camille’s children have since become master’s degree holders from the same Southern New Hampshire University she graduated from

A 67-year-old grandmother, Camille MacIsaac, has shown that dreams can be achieved no matter how old one is. The woman graduated from Southern New Hampshire University after several decades of wanting the degree, People reports.

I sacrificed for my family

Camille said that she had to wait for 49 years. She added that she put her education on hold because of the responsibilities that come with having a family.

In her interview with the media, the grandma stated that though she has always wanted to go back to school, nurturing a family became the top priority for her, Yahoo News reports. On finally achieving what she wanted, she said: “This was hopefully a life lesson that you’re never too old to try something, you’re never too old to go to school [and] you’re never too old to better yourself.”

Her children succeeded

According to the school, the woman started her degree pursuit in 1972. Her two children have since gone ahead to get both their undergraduate and master’s degrees. The woman said that when she went back to school, her grandchildren would always joke that she is too old to be chasing a degree. Rather than get dampened, the jokes only fueled her desire to get her degree. In advising people, the woman said that failure should not be an excuse to move forward, rather a lesson on how to get better.


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