Admission of 499 law students done deal

The General Legal Council (GLC) has decided to formally admit the 499 students who are battling for admission to the Ghana School of Law (GSL).

This came to light Wednesday when representatives of the 499 students met a three -member committee of the GLC where they were formally informed that the admission was a done deal.

The meeting was held behind doors at the Attorney-General department but snippets of information picked up by Graphic Online is that the GLC informed the students that it was still working on when to implement the admission.

The committee therefore took inputs from the students.

Lawyer for the students, Mr Martin Kpebu on behalf of the students expressed appreciation for all stakeholders who fought on behalf of the students.


The 499 students were denied admission to the Ghana School of Law after they were deemed to have passed the entrance examinations. The development led to protests, petitions and extensive debates about the propriety of the GLS’s action.

Source: graphiconline

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