Kenyans alarmed over bodies dumped in a river

Kenyans online are expressing their shock and anger after reports of bodies being found dumped in a river in the western region.

Activist Boniface Mwangi posted on Twitter that he and the head of local human rights organisation Haki Africa had counted more than 20 decomposing bodies at Yala hospital mortuary.

He said the bodies found in River Yala had been listed as “unknown men” with many of them having marks of torture and tied with ropes.

They interviewed a local resident who said he had retrieved 31 bodies from the river since July last year and that there were still more bodies in the river.

“We didn’t believe him but agreed to follow him to the river. In a span of minutes, he had spotted and shown us two bodies. The whole scene was sickening,” the activist wrote.

Locals reportedly say the bodies are brought from different areas in vehicles and dumped in the river.

Kenyans are demanding investigations to ascertain the identities of the dead and know who is behind the killings.

They have also challenged the police to assure them of their security.

The police have not yet spoken about the matter.

Source: bbc

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