Tigray rebels accused of gang rapes and killings

A new report has given further details of what it calls serious violations of humanitarian law by rebel fighters from Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

The report by the human rights organisation Amnesty International accuses Tigrayan rebels of gang rape and the deliberate killing of civilians in the neighbouring region of Amhara where they controlled territory for a time until being pushed back by government forces two months ago.

Amnesty says rebel forces killed unarmed civilians in the town of Kobo and sexually assaulted at least 30 women and girls in Chena village.

Public properties including schools and medical facilities were either looted or vandalised, it says

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has not responded to the latest allegations but has denied similar accusations in the past.

Ethiopian government troops have also been accused of summary killings and rape.

Source: bbc

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