Jeff Kashiwa and friends set to thrill at +233

Jeff Kashiwa, the notable American saxophonist/flutist is in Accra and is rearing to get on stage at the +233 Jazz Bar & Grill for the two-day bash on July 8 and July 9.

He is the headline act on the two nights. A few hours after touching down, he lunged into rehearsal with the Native Vibe and GH Jazz Collective, the two bands that will play with him at the concerts.

They compared notes, spoke their musical jargon and gave thumbs up signs. Then most of the talking was taken over by their various instruments.

Jeff Kashiwa, as well as the guys with him at rehearsal have played gigs and made friends in many different locations around the world, so the rapport was evident as they joined forces to fine-tune material for the shows.

Apart from his well-touted time with The Rippingtons, Jeff Kashiwa has a lot of material of his own. Native Vibe and GH Jazz Collective also possess loads of compositions of their own so patrons can look forward to two exciting nights of bold, progressive jazz sounds.

The July 8 show kicks off at 9.00pm. Proceedings, however, get underway at 4.00pm on July 9 with a Jazzbecue session to enable guests interact with the musicians over some delicious grills and drinks.

The nights have been cool recently so it would be great to get wrapped up in some warm, contemporary jazz stuff at the +233 Jazz Bar & Grill in Accra on July 8 and July 9.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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