AYYAD builds new mosque and extends Nima Polyclinic Maternity Ward

The Association of Youth and Young Adults Development (AYYAD) last Saturday organised an event  which was an expansion of the Nima Polyclinic Maternity Ward and building of a new mosque.

The occasion was also used to reward over 20 young Entrepreneurs and also commissioned an Ultra Modern AYYAD National Secretariat. The Tripartite Projects were 100% sponsored by an International not-for-profit organization based in California, USA, the United Foundational for Global Development (UFGD).

The United Foundation for Global Development (UFGD), a Californian-based NGO working in Africa spent over $20,000.00 on Tripartite Projects. The Tripartite Projects are ‘Extending the Maternity Ward & Building a Mosque, Empowering over 20 young people from Greater Accra, Eastern Region, and Central Region, and renting and furnishing an Ultra Modern Office in Ghana.

The extension of the works at the Maternity Ward and the building of a mosque at the Nima Polyclinic started some 5 months ago with capital injections from UFGD and was supervised by AYYAD. The Project cost around $12,000.00. The extension of the works at the Maternity ward of the Nima Polyclinic comprised of expanding the Maternity ward, building two additional Consulting Rooms for Doctors, and Building a Store Room.

 Around 20 young people from Greater Accra, Eastern Region, and Central Region were empowered with Industrial Sewing machines, Hand Sewing Machines, and Refrigerators. Others also received varied amounts of cash to save their collapsing businesses while others got some cash to establish a new business.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Daoud Barhum, a Co-Founder of UFGD & AYYAD gave a chronology of a history of how he met a Californian-based Ghanaian Professor, Sheikh Ayub Haroun who was the brain behind the formation of both AYYAD and UFGD some 6 years ago. Mr Daoud informed the gathering that, Nima Policlinic saw a facelift today because of Sheikh Ayub Haroun whose loved for Ghana exceeded his love for himself.

Sheikh Ayub Haroun repeatedly spoke of the need to assist Nima Polyclinic with another edifice and made sure that UFGD mobilized the funding for it. Mr. Daoud’s first met Sheikh Ayub Haroun and fell in love with his love for humanity back in 2009 when he attended a Friday Prayer Sermon led by the Sheikh. He instantly prayed to Almighty God to let his path and that of the Sheikh meet and grateful to God, their paths met, they became a family, and Ghana and Africa benefitted monumentally from these ties of these two people.

Through both of them and the efforts of their ‘babies’, UFGD and AYYAD, Ghana has benefitted from over 400 boreholes, over 100 Basic Schools, and 500 Mosques and Police stations. Other communities through them also got Clinics. Over 100 households got direct financial, material, and logistical support through them. More than 200 young people are currently under the sponsorships of the UFGD to pursue their studies.

The Special Guest of Honor at the event, His Excellency the Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri commended UFGD for the work it is doing in Ghana and beyond. The Ambassador was proud of Mr. Daoud and recounted the 1st day he met Mr. Daoud at his office. He concluded by thanking the Government of Ghana for providing an enabling environment for investments.

Honorable Hajia Salma Mohammed S. A. Kuta, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly used the occasion to appeal to every Ghanaian abroad to emulate the exemplary life of Sheikh Ayub Haroun by also coming back to Ghana with some investors to invest in Ghana. She further thanked the UFGD and AYYAD and appeal to them to further assist her municipality with more developments.

The Honorable Member of Parliament of the Constituency, Honorable Naser Mahama Toure also thanked the UFGD and AYYAD for working hard to compliment his effort as a member of Parliament. He was excited that the Maternity ward can now accommodate more women and more women can now deliver more safely.

The event was Chaired by   Chairman of the Council of in Ayawaso East, and was graced by His Excellency, Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri, the Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Honorable Hajia Salma Mohammed S. A. Kuta, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly, Honorable Naser Mahama Toure, Member of Parliament for Ayawaso East Constituency, Sheikh (Imaam) Umar Ibrahim among others

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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