Rwandans in Ghana celebrate liberation day

Rwandans living in Ghana have celebrated Rwanda’s Liberation Day at a ceremony in Accra.

Known as Kwibohora29, the day is celebrated at the national level in Rwanda every July 4th to mark the day when the Rwandese Patriotic Army –RPA-Inkotanyi, put an end to the genocide against the Tutsi that was rolled out across Rwanda.

The celebration was on the theme,  “Together we Prosper”.

In remarks at the event, the acting Charge d’Affaires of the High Commission of Rwanda in Ghana, Theophile Rurangwa, said “Celebrating Liberation Day is a moment when we celebrate the triumph of good over evil, a reminder of the bravery of the young men and women of RPA-Inkotanyi who led the campaign to end the genocide against the Tutsi, giving Rwanda a new beginning, a rebirth”.

He stressed the need for Rwandans to use the opportunity of Kwibohora to pay homage to Inkotanyi – dead and alive – with special tribute to President Paul Kagame, who was the commander-in-chief of the rebel force that revived Rwanda from the abyss of the politics of division that led to the genocide.


Emphasising the invaluable sacrifice that made Rwanda’s liberation possible, Mr Rurangwa said Rwandans were ever-ready to continue the struggle to liberate the country in all aspects including, economic emancipation as well as overcoming the various negative forces that presently work to take the country backward.

Speaking at the event, the Chairperson of the Rwandan community in Ghana, Francois-Xavier Bikorimana, called on all Rwandans to own the spirit of liberation to liberate their hearts first so as to join hands with fellow Rwandans in building a better and prosperous country.

“As we celebrate liberation, I ask you all to find freedom in your hearts and minds so that we will be liberated within, in order to contribute to the continued liberation of the country. There is no reason as to why any Rwandan should feel held back from others, whatever history holds anyone back, let the spirit of Inkotanyi help them to regain their freedom. Rwanda today belongs to all Rwandans and together we can truly progress and prosper”.

Award-winning film

As part of the celebration, the Rwandan Community watched the award-winning film, “The 600: The Soldiers’ Story” the first time for many participants and which brought back memories of the immense sacrifices by the RPA-Inkotanyi and the cost of Rwanda’s liberation.

Several participants opened up on their personal stories in relation to Rwanda’s heavy history but also indicating that from the courage, commitment, hope and resilience of the RPA-Inkotanyi, they all find a reason to never give up or loose hope that what Rwandans deserve is achievable.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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