Harrison Abbah Criticizes NPP’s Ministerial Reshuffling as Selfish Political Games

Report by Joycelyn Adoma Arthur- 24/02/2024

Speaking on AIT TV’s “Morning Dew Show,” Harrison Kojo Abbah, a National Committee Member of the NDC,has expressed his criticism towards the recent ministerial reshuffling in the country.

He firmly stated that the reshuffling was driven by the government’s own selfish gains and political interests, rather than the welfare of the nation.

Harrison emphasized that the reshuffling was not aimed at improving the economy or rectifying any existing issues. Instead, he claimed that it was merely a political gimmick and game, played by the NPP for their own benefit.

“This particular reshuffling is not for the betterment of the economy, it is not to correct any mess. It’s just for political gimmicks and political games”

According to Harrison, this lack of seriousness in addressing the nation’s challenges is evident even in the words of President Nana Addo himself.

During their party primaries, President Nana Addo allegedly alluded to the fact that the economy is currently in a dire state and expressed his inability to effectively manage it any longer. Harrison further asserted that the President’s statement indicated a lack of confidence in his own leadership and a disregard for the citizens’ welfare. According to him, this suggests that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is not taking the country’s predicament seriously.

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