Paul Amoako Defends Ministerial Reshuffling as a Move for the Country’s Benefit

Report by Pearl Amoako- 24/02/2024

Paul Antwi Amoako, a Communicator for the NPP, has expressed his support for the recent ministerial reshuffling and dismissed the NDC’s criticism.

Paul emphasized that the timing of the reshuffling was favorable and questioned why the NDC was attributing everything to the upcoming elections.

He recalled his involvement in advocating for a reshuffle last year, highlighting that the timing was appropriate for the ruling party to make necessary changes.

Regarding President Nana Addo’s decision-making process, Paul stated that the President would never appoint individuals whom he believed would be incapable of performing their duties. He pointed out that when the President appoints someone, he does so with confidence in their abilities and understanding of what they can contribute. His remarks aimed to assure the public that the President’s appointments were made after careful consideration and assessment of the appointees’ skills and qualifications.

“The president will never appoint someone he knows the person cannot perform. Once the president will appoint, the president knows what you are capable of doing”

Paul Amoako further added that the president’s motive behind the reshuffling was solely for the betterment of the country, rather than political gain.

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