Report by Joycelyn Adoma Arthur- 24/02/2024

Residents of Taifa have appealed to the government for immediate action to reconstruct a vital drainage system.

Initially designed as a major canal for the community’s drainage outlets, the size of the gutter was meant to facilitate the smooth flow of water and prevent flooding during rainfall. However, the once-functional drainage has now become choked with solid waste, preventing the passage of liquid waste and leading to severe flooding in the area during rainstorms.

Justin, a resident, narrated a tragic incident where she lost a child during the last heavy rainfall. She said, “The irony of the situation is that the gutter, designed to safeguard us against floods, has transformed residents into flood victims. I lost my last born to this gutter during the last heavy rainfall and I don’t want that to happen to anyone again. So I plead with the government on behalf of the community to come to our aid and construct new bigger drainage systems for residents of the Taifa community.”

Kwaw, another concerned resident also said, “ I will attribute the worsening situation to the negligence of some of the community members because, despite repeated warnings from authorities to abstain from dumping refuse near the gutter, residents persist in this harmful practice. I urge the government to not only rebuild the drainage but also enforce strict laws against individuals who dispose of rubbish inappropriately.”

The choked drainage stretching approximately nine kilometers, currently bears the burden of various types of garbage.

The worsening state of this once-efficient system highlights the pressing need for government intervention to revitalize the drainage and implement measures to curtail irresponsible waste disposal practices in Taifa.

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