Rev. Simpe calls for Responsible Parenthood and Relationship Choices

Report by Pearl Amoako- 25/02/2024

Rev. Simpe Bediako, the overseer of High City Church, has shed light on the profound impact of broken homes, emphasizing the detrimental consequences they have on children.

Rev. Simpe, speaking on AIT TV’s School of Life show, shared insightful situations and highlighted the importance of responsible parenthood and informed relationship choices.

Expressing his concern for broken homes, he stated that “Broken homes are something nobody should wish for. The effects on both the man and woman involved are significant, but the impact on the children caught in the middle is far greater than that on the parents.”

He emphasized the immense responsibility adults bear in creating a stable and loving environment for their children.

Rev. Simpe acknowledged the lack of understanding surrounding the consequences of physical and sexual involvement with others, particularly during younger years.

He remarked, “Sometimes we get involved physically and sexually with people, and we don’t even understand the full ramifications of what we are getting involved in. And you think this is mainly an issue that we confront when we are much younger”

He claimed, “When you give birth to a child, if you are blessed, that child will follow you for 25 years. Any child you give birth to, you have to be there for the first 25 years of his or her life. If you are not ready to hold someone, guide the person and carry the person through the 25 years, do everything possible not to bring the person into the world”

Rev. Simpe also hammered the role of satisfaction in fostering responsible behavior from men in relationships.

He expressed his belief, saying, “I believe that when men are satisfied at home, they would want to take care of their responsibilities. There are a few people who don’t take care of their responsibilities.”

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