Dr. Hassan Ayariga Criticizes Current Leadership, Calls for Economic Reform in Presidential Bid

Reported by Ngresangma Martha – 29/o2/2024

Flagbearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, delivered a passionate address on AIT TV’s Morning Dew today, highlighting the urgent need for economic reform in Ghana amidst his third bid for the presidency.

Ayariga’s speech resonated with a sense of purpose, emphasizing that his presidential aspirations stem from a genuine concern for Ghana’s economic challenges rather than mere political ambition. “We don’t run for president because it’s fun,” he asserted, “but because we have economic challenges, we are in crisis, and we are lost as a nation.”

Directing his critique towards the current leadership, Ayariga criticized their handling of the economy, arguing that they have failed to provide effective solutions to the nation’s problems. He expressed skepticism towards the ability of those in power to address Ghana’s economic woes adequately, implying the need for a change in leadership.

Central to Ayariga’s message was the vision of a prosperous Ghana characterized by economic growth, enhanced standard of living, and stability of the national currency, the Cedi, against foreign currencies like the dollar. He stressed that under such favorable conditions, individuals like himself would not feel compelled to pursue the presidency, envisioning Ghana as a thriving production and manufacturing hub with reduced political intervention in economic affairs.

As Ayariga’s presidential campaign gains momentum, his call for economic reform strikes a chord with many Ghanaians disillusioned by the current state of the economy. With the election drawing nearer, Ayariga’s vision for a brighter economic future offers voters a compelling alternative to incumbent leadership.

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