Bawumia is part of the mess -Dr. Hassan Ayariga In a recent interview on AIT’s Morning Dew show, Dr.

Report by Rosemary Apeke-29/02/2024

Hassan Ayariga, the flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), expressed strong criticism of Vice President Bawumia, asserting that he is “part of the mess” within the current Ghanaian government. The interview focused on President’s STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS, where the president emphasized Ghana’s resilience and potential for a brighter future.

Ayariga, however, voiced his skepticism, specifically targeting Vice President Bawumia as a key contributor to the challenges facing the nation. He contested the president’s narrative, stating that Ghana’s revival wouldn’t be possible with Bawumia in a prominent role, alleging that Bawumia is complicit in the government’s perceived failures. He believes that, Bawumia is the closest to the president and therefore contributes to the mess in the country because he is part of the decisions being taken by the government to govern the country.

During the president’s speech, Ayariga noted a lack of transparency regarding the utilization of borrowed funds and criticized the administration’s economic policies. He questioned whether Ghanaians should hold the president accountable for economic hardships, rising debt levels, and what he described as the worst economic recovery in the country’s history.

Ayariga expressed disappointment that the president failed to address pressing issues such as unemployment, a critical concern for many Ghanaians. The opposition leader lamented the absence of concrete facts and figures related to job creation and economic recovery, calling into question the government’s commitment to addressing key challenges.

In his passionate critique, Ayariga concluded that Ghanaians, both within the country and abroad, are not proud of the current state of affairs. He expected the sitting president to be a beacon of leadership but instead labeled him as the worst in Ghana’s history. As political tensions rise, Ayariga’s comments shed light on the deep-seated dissatisfaction within the opposition regarding the government’s performance.

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