President’s State of the nations address worst in history – Dr. Hassan Ayariga

Report by Akpeleasi Flora-29/02/2024

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, the flagbearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), didn’t hold back in his assessment of President Nana Akufo-Addo’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) on AIT TV’s Morning Dew show. Describing it as “the worst ever in the history of Ghana,” Ayariga expressed disappointment in the president’s performance. Attending the address with keen anticipation, Ayariga had hoped for a redemption of the president’s image. However, what unfolded was far from satisfactory. He criticized the president for presenting the state of the nation in a manner that seemed more like a mockery than a serious address. While Ayariga acknowledged some positive points, such as the emphasis on police visibility and military equipment, which he questioned their relevance in the absence of a war-like situation, he also raised concerns about the president’s failure to address critical issues. One of such issues was the ongoing crisis in Bawku, which has persisted for years without significant intervention and which the president merely mentioned without offering substantial solutions. Ayariga’s frustration peaked when the president boasted about shutting down four radio stations, considering it an achievement worthy of inclusion in the SONA. This, in Ayariga’s view, undermined the seriousness of the address and raised questions about the government’s priorities and whether such actions were reflective of the nation’s pressing concerns. “And you proudly said to us that you have banned four radio stations and that was an achievement or that was the state of the nation’s address, are we jokers here or are we serious here?” Furthermore, Ayariga scrutinized the president’s claim of retrieving 10 trillion in judgment debts. Given Ghana’s public debt of 650 billion, the figure seemed wildly exaggerated and disconnected from reality. “…and how much is our public debt, 650 billion not even up to 10 trillion so where did the president get his figures from or was he dreaming, daydreaming or nightdreaming..” He called into question the accuracy of the figures presented by the president, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in governmental reporting. Concluding his critique, Ayariga lamented Ghana’s current state, where citizens are forced to seek bailouts from international organizations like the IMF despite the claims of the President that we have 10 trillion in our coffers as a country. “For God’s sake if Ghana has 10 trillion why do we go to IMF…” He emphasized the need for effective governance , genuine solutions and decisive action to address the nation’s challenges. Ayariga’s assessment and critique serves as a stark reminder of the importance of leadership accountability and the need for tangible actions to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

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