Hassan Ayariga Champions Ghanaian Citizen’s Right and National Transformation Agenda

Report by Pearl Amoako – 01/03/2024

Founder and flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has expressed his strong stance on prioritizing Ghanaian citizens over foreigners speaking on “Morning Dew” on AIT TV.

“This country is not for foreigners. I have travelled in soo many parts of the world and I have not seen anywhere that citizens of their own country have become slaves and foreigners have taken over their birthright. It’s only in Ghana and Africa.”

Ayariga emphasized the need for Ghanaians to reclaim their birthright, highlighting his belief that citizens have been disadvantaged in their own country while foreigners have taken precedence.

Proposing ambitious plans for the country, Ayariga unveiled his vision to establish a comprehensive National Data System, distinct from the existing Ghana card, which would monitor and regulate the activities of all individuals residing in Ghana, regardless of nationality. This system, he noted, would provide instantaneous access to information about every Ghanaian, ensuring greater oversight and transparency within the population.

Ayariga also outlined his intention to implement a strategic lockdown in Ghana, not aimed at combating COVID-19, but rather to enhance productivity and revolutionize the nation’s consumption patterns. Emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency, he underscored the need for Ghana to produce its own goods and rely on domestic resources to meet its needs.

Ayariga further expressed his aspiration to leave a lasting impact on Ghana, envisioning a transformed nation that would be recognized for its positive changes under his leadership. Citing the APC as the beacon of hope for Ghana’s future advancements, he called for a collective effort to bring about significant transformations in the country.

“ My legacy will be that Ghana will Stand with different atmosphere that people will say wow this man has change Ghana. The next hope of Ghana is to make a change with APC”.

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