President Nana Addo came as a joker in presenting the SONA-Hassan Ayariga

Report by Joycelyn Adoma Arthur – 01/03/2024

Regarding the President’s state of the nation’s address, Hassan Ayariga, the founder and flagbearer of the All People’s Congress has criticized it, referring to President Nana Addo as a ridicule and a joker.

He mentioned that he didn’t find much substance in the address but agreed with a few points, such as the importance of police visibility and equipping the military.

Speaking on AIT TV’s Morning Dew ,Ayariga also expressed his disappointment with the President’s lack of action in certain communities, where violence and conflicts persist. He questioned why, as the President for the past seven years, he has not visited these communities or shown concern for the ongoing issues.

He expressed his belief in his capacity to provide the best solutions and policies for Ghana, emphasizing his love for the country. He believes that given the opportunity, he can do much more than the current leaders, as he feels they have exhausted their talents, policies, and knowledge.

“I believe in the capacity of Hassan Ayariga that I have the best solutions and policies. I love Ghana to the extent that I think I love Ghana than anything in my life and I think that given the opportunity I will do hundred times than those there.”

Furthermore, Hassan Ayariga raised concerns about Ghana’s financial situation. He questioned why the country still seeks assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when it is claimed to have 10 trillion. He highlighted that Ghana’s public debt is 650 billion, which is not even close to 1 trillion. He questioned the source of the President’s figures and expressed his frustration that Ghana, despite its resources, has become reliant on external aid.

“If Ghana has 10 trillion, why do we go to the IMF. And how much is our public debt? 650 billion, not even up to 1 trillion. So where did the president get these figures from or was he dreaming. Because we don’t have any 10 trillion somewhere and we are suffering and we have become beggars of the 21st century of our own country” he said.

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