Guru NKZ Calls for Rectification of Ghanaian Music Representation on Global Platforms

Report by Akpeleasi Flora- 17/03/2024

In a candid interview on AIT TV’s Big Xclusive show, renowned Ghanaian musician Guru NKZ unveiled his vision for rectifying longstanding disparities in the recognition of Ghanaian music on global platforms. With a fervent call to action, Guru emphasized the need for representation and advocacy within the music industry to ensure that Ghanaian artists receive the acknowledgment they deserve.

Reflecting on the past and present landscape of music dissemination, Guru lamented the absence of dedicated genres for Ghanaian music on major platforms like iTunes. He stated, “We had no genre on the bigger platforms…our identity was highlife or hiplife.” With an earnest desire to rectify this oversight, Guru underscored the importance of creating avenues for Ghanaian artists to showcase their unique musical heritage.

Drawing attention to the pivotal role of industry stakeholders in shaping international perceptions of Ghanaian music, Guru emphasized the need for proactive engagement. “There are so-called industry key players who play a major role…when any confrontations come out from outside Ghana internationally, those are the people they confront,” he explained. Guru highlighted the missed opportunity for Ghanaian representatives to champion the inclusion of Ghanaian music on global platforms, citing instances where external initiatives like BET’s recognition of African artists lacked direct Ghanaian involvement.

Expanding on the potential impact of Ghanaian representation within global corporations, Guru highlighted the significant number of Ghanaians working within influential entities such as iTunes and Twitter. “Most of you didn’t know Twitter had a branch in Ghana,……they have people working under Twitter,” he revealed. Guru stressed the importance of leveraging these connections to advocate for the recognition of Ghanaian music genres on international platforms.

Expressing disappointment with the prevailing trend of external entities dictating the categorization of Ghanaian artists, Guru called for greater autonomy and agency within the industry. “You were more interested in the artist representing but not interested in projecting the agenda of them also recognizing your genre,” he remarked. Guru urged industry stakeholders to prioritize the promotion of Ghanaian music genres, rather than solely focusing on individual artist representation.

In conclusion, Guru NKZ’s impassioned plea for the recognition of Ghanaian music on global platforms serves as a rallying cry for industry-wide reform. With his unwavering advocacy and determination, Guru aims to pave the way for future generations of Ghanaian artists to receive the acknowledgment and respect they rightfully deserve.

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