“Bawumia Pledges 2,000 Megawatts of Solar Power Boost for Ghana’s Future”

Report by Akpeleasi Flora-27/03/2024

Ghana’s Vice-President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has made a bold promise to enhance the country’s power supply by injecting 2,000 megawatts of solar energy if elected as president. Speaking to members of the Council of Indigenous Business Association (CIBA) in Accra, Dr. Bawumia highlighted the pressing need to address the high cost of electricity, particularly for businesses. He believes that by harnessing solar power, which would account for about half of Ghana’s total electricity consumption, businesses will thrive and the overall cost of power will decrease.

During the meeting, Dr. Bawumia urged traders and businesses to support his presidential bid in the upcoming elections, emphasizing his commitment to delivering tangible results once in office. He acknowledged the limited time frame of presidential terms and expressed his determination to make a meaningful impact if given the opportunity to lead the country.

Additionally, Dr. Bawumia engaged with various business associations, addressing their concerns and outlining his plans for economic development. He assured the Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers that FDA-certified medicines would be integrated into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) under his administration. Furthermore, he pledged support for the establishment of a refrigerator manufacturing plant proposed by the National Refrigerators and Air Condition Workshop Owners Association.

Addressing broader economic issues, Dr. Bawumia discussed initiatives such as digitalization policies, small-scale mining regulations, and passport acquisition reforms aimed at streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. He also pledged to tackle smuggling by adjusting import duties to discourage illicit practices.

In response, the Executive Secretary of CIBA, John Nimoh, emphasized the pivotal role of indigenous businesses in driving national development. He underscored the importance of holding elected leaders accountable through a social contract, signaling the CIBA’s commitment to ensuring transparency and progress.

In partnership with Waltergate Limited, the CIBA is undergoing restructuring to enhance its operations through a data system, including member registration and issuance of identity cards with payment solution benefits.

Dr. Bawumia’s pledge to bolster Ghana’s power supply through solar energy reflects a proactive approach to addressing critical challenges and fostering economic growth. With support from indigenous businesses and a clear vision for the future, his candidacy offers promising prospects for Ghana’s development.

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