COPEC predicts potential increase in petrol prices

Report by Joycelyn Adoma Arthur-30/03/2024

According to the latest update from COPEC, petrol is currently priced at GH¢13.41 per litre. This price is based on the current international prices of $874.09 per metric ton for petrol, $835.64 per metric ton for diesel, and $627.30 per metric ton for LPG.

The corresponding exchange rate is 1:13.0555 between the US Dollar and the Ghanaian Cedi.

In addition to petrol, diesel will be sold at GH¢13.91 per litre, while LPG will be priced at GH¢14.20 per kilogram.

COPEC has predicted a potential increase in petrol prices in the upcoming pricing window, while diesel and LPG prices are expected to remain stable.

Overall, consumers can expect to see fluctuations in petrol prices, while diesel and LPG prices are likely to stay consistent. This information provides valuable insight for individuals and businesses planning their fuel expenses in the near future.

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