Bisa Kdei Calls for Greater Promotion of Ghanaian Music during Year of Return

Report by Joycelyn Adoma Arthur- 30/03/2024

Ghanaian Highlife musician, Bisa Kdei has expressed his disappointment in the missed opportunities to promote Ghanaian music to the world during the Year of Return initiative.

In an interview with Accra FM, Kdei lamented the focus on foreign music during the December in GH period.

Kdei emphasized the need to capitalize on the influx of foreigners during the Year of Return events to showcase Ghanaian music. He noted that despite the presence of many international visitors, Ghanaian songs were often overlooked in favor of other genres.

The musician also criticized certain promoters for hindering the global rise of Ghanaian music through their negative approach to the industry. Kdei strongly opposed the notion that Ghanaian music is not good enough and highlighted the hard work put in by musicians to create their art.

He further highlighted that the discouraging comments made by some promoters have limited the growth of the music industry, making it difficult to attract investors. Kdei urged promoters to speak positively about Ghanaian music and its potential, as it would encourage artists to strive for excellence. He also emphasized that foreign artists who come to Ghana to learn from the local music scene are a testament to its quality and appeal.

Currently, Bisa Kdei is promoting his heartfelt single “Medaase,” which is gaining popularity across the country.

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