Lydia Forson: Ghanaian entertainers deserve equal respect given to foreign stars by govt

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Lydia Forson has called on the government to give equal treatment and respect to Ghanaian entertainers as given to stars from foreign countries.

Speaking on “The Day Show” hosted by Berla Mundi, the Perfect Picture actress bemoaned the practice where foreign stars are easily given access to state properties whereas Ghanaian celebrities struggle to get same opportunity.

She was responding to a question from the hostess who sought her views on some concerns raised by her colleagues on why foreign stars who come down to Ghana in the name of Year of Return seemed to be restricted from meeting up with local stars.

While admitting the practice was no good, Lydia also questioned why they were given preferential treatment and access to state facilities. 

“…and give them an access that you will never give me. An access to helicopters, to hotels, to discounts, to do Hip hop ray at Jubilee House that you will not give me, it is a mind-set…I have no problem with them bringing entertainers because I have a lot of great friends outside who come to town.”

The actress compared Nigeria to Ghana to sustain her claims that Nigerians will never give “better treatment to an outsider” than the local stars irrespective of the situation. 

“Let me give you an example. If you go to Lagos, I hate these comparisons but it’s the reality. They will never treat an outsider better than they will treat you, they will treat you on the same level” she said.

She narrated an experience where she paid a courtesy call on a Chief with some Hollywood stars and was duly acknowledged by the Chief in the presence of the Hollywood stars which earned huge respect from those present. 


Source: GraphicOnline

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