Okomfour Kwadee’s family seeks help for his treatment

Ezekiel Aguyire, a family member of hiplife musician Jerry Anaba, popularly known as Okomfour Kwadee, has called on the public to offer financial support to the artiste.

In a recent interview with Joy FM, Ezekiel confirmed that Kwadee is currently in their hometown, Mirigu Nabango in the Upper East Region.

He stated that the ‘Boyz Boyz’ hitmaker is still battling mental health challenges but lacks the financial strength to pay for treatment. 

“He is not feeling well. But now he is a little better. We need the help of Ghanaians for our brother now. He is not supposed to be here but because for the sickness [he had to leave Kumasi],” he said. 

He explained that they took him to several places for treatment but due to “money issues” they could not afford some of the medical services.

While seeking suggestions from the public on what to do to give Kwadee the right treatment, Ezekiel mentioned that “even if you find the solution without money, you can’t do anything.”

Commenting on a recent performance video that surfaced on social media, he said he would not have allowed it if he were around.

“A week ago, he went to do a show, they videoed him and took it to social media. That day I was not around but I came back and heard everything. I did not feel fine about it,” he mentioned.

e, also doubted if any payment was made for Kwadee’s performance because the programme was organised by a family member who lives at another town

Ezekiel indicated that he used to take care of Okomfour Kwadee since he relocated to Nabongo about two years ago, until his mother also joined them.

A recent video of Kwadee who looks emaciated, frail and unkempt, performing to a gathering, has raised serious concerns among music fans and creative industry stakeholders.

The video has stoked a conversation about the current mental health status and general financial condition of the ‘Ofie Nipa’ hitmaker, with some suggesting it could be spiritually motivated.

Source: GraphicOnline

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