How to stay on a diet while travelling?

“Last month, I had a great business trip!” Have you ever come across anyone saying this to you? If yes, let me be frank with you – as there is no good or bad memory, there is no excellent or worst business trip or vacation. While some believe that a great vacation is exploring the regions in and around your selected tourist spot; for others, vacation means eating. While we all love to satiate our hunger with the local delicacies of the place we visit, overeating might turn out a significant concern. There is absolutely no need to be conscious about your travel diet, a little bit of proper planning can get things pretty well for you. So, if you want to keep track of your fitness goal while you are on your go, scroll down the list below to dig some healthy travel food ideas –

Cut down on all your temptations –

“Will you please clean out all the junks from the minibar of my reserved hotel room?” This is the first step in chopping off those extra pounds which you are surely going to add on your lazy vacations. Instead, you can always replace your minibar junkies with some healthy picks such as Greek yoghurt or high fibre cereal. The best thing is to carry loads of nutrition bars in your travelling backpack so that you do not feel empty on your go.

Pack you plane meals right –

Picking your plane meals right is as essential as it is for you to shortlist the things to do in Singapore. A flight to far-off places is usually not a direct flight or the one with long hours of travelling. In such cases, it is evident for you to feel hungry on your go. If you are heading for a far-off holiday destination, pack your plane meals all by yourself. The ones which you buy onboard may be sky-high in their calorie contents. You can pack some modest treats such as Raw Kale Chips or Veggie Trail Mix or Garden Chips.

Hydration is equally important –

No matter whether you eat only healthy or prefer junkies on your go, make sure that your body remains well hydrated. Dehydration leads to low energy levels, increase in pangs of hunger, and at the extreme case, headaches. So, even when you are sightseeing or lazing out or flying high, make sure to carry your own bottle of water and re-fill it from hygienic water reserves.

Do you skip meals?

Skipping meals or even your exercising routine may turn out to be problematic for you. Whether you are vacationing or not, it is always recommended that you do not miss on your meals and exercise regime. Sticking to your regular meal and exercise schedule will help you to keep control of your carb intake and maintain an optimum energy level.

Be high on both proteins and fibres –

Fibre and protein-rich foods are good to put a check on your weight regime. Today, most of the restaurants prepare food which are high on carb contents and low on proteins and fibres. Such meals are unhealthy and will only add-on more pounds to your weight. Protein bars are the most conveniently available and easy to carry proteins with you. On the other hand, plants and vegetables are an abundantly rich source of fibres which facilitates digestion by preventing constipation and satisfying your food cravings.

Move your body –

Vacationing to any place does not mean to eat, drink, sleep, and repeat. You need to understand that the human body was never designed for a sedentary lifestyle. So, even if you miss on your exercise routine while vacationing, make sure that you move. This can be executed by a simple arm and shoulder stretch, the moment you get up from your sleep in the morning. Later, you can go for a brisk walk around the walk area of your hotel itself to obtain enough amounts of vitamin D. Another best example to keep a check on your weight is to be friends with the staircase and follow them rather than lazing yourself in an elevator.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety –

Last but not least, vacationing means bidding adieu to your routine stress and anxiety. You can simply do it by deep breathing to relax your body, mind, soul and most specifically, your stomach cravings.

Do let us know if some more tips strike your mind. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and expand our list so that others might benefit from it.

Source: Vents Magazine

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