Gambian president urges tolerance, love in Christmas speech

The Gambian President, Adama Barrow has called for the continuous peaceful co-existence between Christian community and the Muslim majority through adherence to universal values of tolerance and love.

In his traditional Christmas address, the President said the government will protect each and every citizen, no matter what their religious beliefs may be.

“Even though Christians are statistically a minority in The Gambia, their rights are as significant as their non-Christian compatriots,” he said, adding, “As citizens, all are equal before the law and have equal rights.”

“To sustain peaceful coexistence in the country regardless of faiths, each person must adhere to the basic principles of tolerance, patience, love and care and act as law-abiding citizens,” Barrow said.

“Under my leadership, the government will always defend the right to protect the safety and security for all citizens, including the Christian community,” he added.

“My government remains committed to safeguarding the rights of all minority groups and we will continue to accommodate them in the governance structures of the country,” Barrow said.

More than 90 percent of Gambia’s population are Muslim. The country has enjoyed peaceful co-existence with no religious conflict in history.

Source: GNA

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