Black Sherif drops ‘Second Sermon’ remix with Burna Boy

Ghanaian musician Mohammed Ismail Sherif, professionally known as Black Sherif, has collaborated with Grammy award-winning artist Burna boy for the Second Sermon remix.

The second sermon remix was released on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, and has been massively jammed and welcomed by fans in both Ghana and Nigeria.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s NewDay show, Black Sherif expressed his excitement about how the song has gained prominence in Ghana, Nigeria and worldwide.
He also revealed that he reinvented himself to suit the preferences of his fans.

“I changed my style of music from low tempered songs to singing high tempered songs due to my fans and also the timing I found myself. I realized my fans were more into high tempered songs. So I had to give them what they want, and that made my songs more hit.”

He also said he is excited about his collaboration with Burna Boy for the Second Sermon remix. And that that has been his biggest collaboration ever.

“This is my biggest collaboration ever, and I am very happy to collaborate with Burna boy for Second Sermon remix”.

He thanked his fans for their massive support and promised more to come.

“The second Sermon was actually music I did in dedication to my Grandmother. And it has ended up me collaborating on its remix with Grammy award-winning Burna boy,” he concluded.

Source: 3news

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