Independent parliamentary candidate accuses Dumelo, Maa Lydia of vote buying

An independent candidate contesting the Ayawaso West Wuogon parliamentary election, Richard Amegatse, has accused two of his opponents of attempting to influence the choice of voters with money.

The two are the incumbent MP for the area, Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassan, and John Dumelo, who is contesting on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress.

Richard Amegatse has claimed to be a witness of these acts, saying that he has personally seen the two candidates attempting to woo voters with money.

“This is common knowledge. Even in my presence, I have seen the NPP and the NDC candidates distributing money to people and that is all a form of corruption. It is not the right thing to give money to induce people to go in a particular direction and the NPP and the NDC candidates are doing this to induce people and that’s bribery and corruption.”

Notwithstanding these allegations, Richard Amegatse is confident to win the Ayawaso West Wuogon parliamentary seat after the December 7 general elections.

“I hope the people of Ayawaso West are not going to choose a corrupt leadership who don’t have any regard for rules and regulation, but they’re going to choose a candidate that is trusted and is decent and I expect that the decision that they’re going to make tomorrow will solely rest on that. If that be the case, then surely then Richard Amegatse will emerge victorious,” he said.


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